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This memory loss information resource has been designed with your questions in mind...

Do you have an interest in improving an already healthy learning ability?

Are you are getting older you have noticed that your memory needs a tune up?

Have you had an accident, illness or injury that has caused memory concerns?

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This informational website is designed to help you find the answers to your brain health and memory questions. Our intent is to write for the average person and not the academic.

We are here to help you and those you care about improve cognitive performance.

We have designed this website to provide meaningful information without hype or difficult terminology. Here you will find REAL answers to your concerns about memory.

The site is edited by a Doctor of Neuropsychology who has worked with many people with memory impairment of different types. These have included TBI, Stroke, Brain Tumors, Dementia, Alzheimer's disease, and others.

We have done the research for you. Most importantly, we want to help you improve your memory and improve your life…

This Website Includes Answers To The Following…

• How Is Memory Defined?

• What Is An MRI?

• What Vitamins Improve Thinking?

• Why Should I Improve My Memory?

• Can Technology Help Memory?

• What Medical Symptoms Occur With Memory Problems?

• How Does Brain Injury Cause Memory Loss?

• What Medications Have Been Approved For Memory?

• What Causes Memory Decline?

• What Memory Impairment Tests Are Available?

• How Do I Improve My Learning?

• What Is Dementia?

• How Can I Communicate Better With My Doctors?

• What Is Neuroplasticity?

• Cognitive Research In The News

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