Stress Reduction Techniques - For Caregivers

By M. Chris Wolf, PH.D.

Why stress reduction techniques? It is tough enough knowing that your loved one has to deal with losing their memory. Knowing that one day they may not remember know how to drive, when to eat or even know their own name can be more than one person knows how to handle. In addition to that stress, you may be the person that is deemed responsible for taking care of the person with the memory loss. You could be the person that has to remind him or her of what their name is and the day and time. Dealing with the stress of taking care of a loved one with memory loss can be a hard role to accept. The constant worry over your family member or friend and guilt that you may feel when you are not with them is a difficult reality to face.

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Many different stress reduction techniques are available to caregivers to help relieve some of the stress of caring for an ill family member. One of the best ways to relieve stress is by talking to others that are in a similar situation. Talking to people that understand what you are going through and that are going through it as well can be a huge benefit. Knowing that there are others out there that have braved your situation and made it out alive can be a huge relief. Also, others may have advice that you find useful in your own situation. They may have helpful hints for you and even for your loved one.

Stress and Memory Loss

Stress lowering techniques can also include finding personal outlets and personal time. Seeking professional assistants and help for your loved one may be beneficial to both of you. You can get a much needed break to run errands, go to appointments and take care of your own family. The patient can benefit from professional care and may be able to take advantage of some rehabilitation techniques. Many professionals will help with everything from just sitting with your loved one to running their personal errands or taking them to appointments and other places that they may need to go while you are away.

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Stress reduction techniques are something that can mean the difference between you having a happy life balance and driving yourself crazy with everything that it takes to care for a person with memory loss. There are many people out there that can help you and help your loved one along the way.

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