Anoxia: Cause and Effects
You Need to Know

By M. Chris Wolf, PH.D.

Anoxia is not a word that we hear every day. However, it is a very important word when describing potential problems with the brain. defines anoxia as “an abnormally low amount of oxygen in the body tissues; hypoxia,” or “the mental and physical disturbances that occur as a result of hypoxia.[1]” Simply put, this is a problem with the brain that results in an insufficient amount of oxygen flowing to the brain. This can cause many problems with the brain, including permanent brain damage. The disorder can be something that can take place in babies during birth or can happen later in life from some type of damage to the brain.

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Lack of oxygen to the brain can be caused by many different types of trauma. Some of the common accidents include choking, drowning, brain tumor, suffocation, and extremely low blood pressure. This problem is most common in older people and infants at the time of birth. The lack of oxygen from the condition can cause unconsciousness and even a coma. It can also cause memory loss, visual problems and physical limitations. Some of the physical limitations include muscle spasms and coordination problems.

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Auditory and visual brain exercises may be able to help the brain make great strides in recovery from the lack of oxygen to the brain. This is achieved by aiding the brain in plasticity. Brain plasticity is the brain's ability to regroup and reorganize in the event that there is some type of trauma. Neurons can retransmit signals in order to keep the brain working. Certain functions of the brain can take over for functions that may be damaged and not working properly. Giving the brain a jump-start to recovery with visual stimulation and exercise could help counteract the effects of lack of oxygen to the brain. The same is true for auditory stimulation. The brain can learn how to continue with all of the functions that it normally performs.

Brain fitness can also be used as a preventative activity, as well. Keeping the brain stimulated by performing entertaining brain exercises can give the brain a jump-start on any unforeseen problems that may take place.

Decrease in the level of oxygen is one of many problems that can take place in a person’s brain. The lack of oxygen getting to and leaving from the brain cannot only cause problems with the brain, but it can cause problems to all of the functions of the body. Brain fitness is one great way to offset brain damage or trauma and keep the brain working.

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The Brain Without Oxygen: Causes of Failure - Physiological and Molecular Mechanisms for Survival [Kindle Edition] P.L. Lutz, G.E. Nilsson, H.M. Prentice

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