Brain Training Games

By M. Chris Wolf, PH.D. and Memory Loss Staff

Why are brain training games important? When you think about training your body and keeping yourself fit, the last place on your body that you are probably thinking about training is your brain. You may want to increase your muscle tone or lose abdominal fat to be able to lift more weight, but you are probably not thinking about the ability to increase your brain's functions and abilities to maintain or increase its capabilities.

The brain is the most complex part of the body. It controls all of the functions that we may take for granted every day. Our brain gives us the ability to walk and to talk. The brain also gives us the ability to think on a higher level so that we are not always tied down by our instincts. Because of these reasons, the brain needs to be trained and nurtured just as you would the muscles of your body. Keeping the entire body fit and in shape will have long lasting benefits. Just as you condition your body to perform under pressure, you should train your brain to do the same. Brain training games can help decrease the effects of trauma or the toll that ageing can take on the brain.

There are many different brain training games that are designed to not only be entertaining, but also increase the brain's capacities. These tests can not only show areas that may need to be worked on, but also show if there are any possible defects in the brain that may cause long term problems. Some of these defects include seizures, dementia and brain aneurysms. Further testing can be ran to see the actual electric waves of the brain to make sure that they are firing to the correct areas and also make sure that there is nothing blocking the path.

There are many different types of brain games. There are games that test everything from short and long term memory to auditory and visual skills to spatial skills. You can use the results of these games to see areas of your brain that may need improving and in turn, use the same games to improve these areas.

By increasing the brain's functions, you could potentially put yourself in a more competitive position in your life. The brain deserves to be treated as you would any other part of your body that you wanted to keep fit and in shape. You never know when you're going to need to flex your brain.

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