Legal and Health Service Benefits
Helpful For Families and Seniors

By Deana Snyder

Our health care and legal systems are changing the way in which legal and health services are being delivered. Simply put, the average person can no longer keep up with the skyrocketing health care costs today and families cannot afford access to our legal system.

These days many are left with a feeling of insecurity. You or someone you know may be going through difficult times such as loss of a job, home, business, life savings, health insurance, etc. With all the unfortunate life events that families are facing, chances are you may be confronted with legal issues such as foreclosure, divorce, custody battles, bad debt, bankruptcy, IRS problems, identity theft etc.

Families are now taking steps to keep their expenses down while still wanting to have the protection and peace of mind of knowing they can have access to our legal system and be able to call an attorney no matter how trivial or traumatic. Now because of the large volume of members joining a legal co-op, comprehensive legal services are able to be negotiated with law firms nationwide at a fraction of what they traditionally cost.

Did you know that only 1 out of every 10 Americans receives the legal help he or she needs? Also, did you know over 70% of Americans do not have an updated Will? Millions of Americans have turned to legal co-op plans to protect their families and themselves both for existing issues and against the unforeseen.

Statistics show that crimes are up and currently identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the U.S. While sometimes the consumer has no way to prevent this, scammers often succeed in duping consumers to hand over their credit card, bank account, or other financial information, which they then use to steal money using the consumer’s identity.

Medical records identity theft is the latest form of identity theft which thieves use your personal information to get medical treatment, drugs, or even surgery which can prove to be catastrophic to many people’s well-being later if their medical records get changed. While everyone is a potential target, older consumers are particularly vulnerable to fraudulent schemes.

Every year seniors are defrauded of millions of dollars by scams in many ways. Don’t let you or your family go unprotected from legal worries and end up with possible bigger problems.

Consider a legal shield to protect you.

In addition to having legal protection, it is most important that everyone have a health care plan. Telemedicine programs are steadily on the rise throughout the U.S. which is resulting in a decrease in emergency room visits and lengthy hospital stays. According to the Wellness Council of America over 70% of all emergency room visits, urgent care, and doctor office visits can be safely and effectively handled over the phone. The top 9 most common reasons for a visit to the doctor: allergies, bronchitis, earache, sore throat, pink eye, sinusitis, strep throat, upper respiratory infections and urinary tract infections.

With Telemedicine or Telehealth, networks of licensed physicians and naturopathic doctors can provide low cost affordable health care services available 24/7 by providing patient advocacy, diagnosis, prescriptions, and online wellness plans. All this is done by using state-of-the-art technology and quality care via a secure video, phone, and or email while the patient remains in the comfort of their own home. This method of service not only saves the patient a lot of time but also thousands of dollars in health care cost. Telemedicine works well for the uninsured, underinsured, and high deductible plans.

If you are looking for ways to offset your health care costs, you may visit:


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