Talking Watch - For Memory

By M. Chris Wolf, PH.D.

Why a talking watch? Memory loss is a scary thought for many people, especially people that are getting closer and closer to old age. While many people do not want to think about something such as memory loss, there are ways to help counter it. There are many different causes of memory loss, including the aging process and dementia, and certain trauma to the brain can also cause loss. A speaking watch is a unique way for people suffering from memory loss to gain a handle on some of the things that they may have lost in their memory along the way. It could be as simple as remembering a doctor's appointment or even remembering to eat at a certain time, as not being able to remember these simple tasks can be embarrassing for many people.

Many of the different speaking watches that are on the marketing have similar functions. Some of the different functions include announcing the amount of time that has elapsed, a large face, the date and time, and multiple alarms that you can set to remind you of tasks that you may need to remember to function throughout the day. You can even choose to have a verbal watch with a male or female voice.

Using an assistive device such as a speaking watch can help people with memory loss feel and act more independently in their lives.Caregivers can also rest a little easier knowing that their loved one is being assisted with many of the different functions that they need to complete every single day. Memory loss does not have to be embarrassing.

The talking watch may not be for everyone. Some people have found that the device actually makes them feel more disoriented; because they may forget that they have set the watch and may not recognize the male or female voice speaking or what they set the alarm to do. They may also become scared if they hear the sudden noise of the alarm on the watch.

Although a speaking watch may not be for everyone, many people with memory loss have found the device beneficial and very helpful in their lives. Being able to use a device like this can make people with a failing memory feel as if they still have some control over their lives. The designs of the talking watches are also similar to many other regular watches, so the ability to be discreet is still there.

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