(Oregon City. Oregon.)

My Namne is Toby Spilllman and I sufferd a Brain Aneurysm about-21 Years ago
but I still Today suffer From Short Term Memory Deficite's,I cant find that Many Short Term memory Rehab programs! If You Know of such Programs please E-mail me the Information or Program please

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Jun 24, 2018
Toby's well My Story about the Stroke Aneurtsm That I had!." NEW
by: Anonymous

I suffered a Brain Aneurysm back in-1990 Had a wife Raising our Baby girl Danielle! Then K-BOOM Stroke! I was Young Had a Job at Portland Cable Access my Ex-wife Left me for this Construction Worker! I just still can't believe that she Left Me! OMG->I lived in Assisted Living in Sellwood Oregon at an Assisted Living Place where they were making 10.000$ Dollar's a Week on each of us! for many Year's there were13-of us Living at Kamfee Management! they were really ripping us off! I met bolth of my Best friend's there Mike & Scotty &Mable Gene-
-Izzard Mickile Jossiph Fodell Steaven Scott Conway And-
-Hellen Kay Douden&Kay Louise Mullvey Paul Wayne- Cottingham Mikle Sean M'cDuffy Cindy Linn Mulville

Jul 27, 2016
I Suffered a Brain Anurism and NEW
by: TobySpillman
PLlease help me get set up with My phone and I would really apriciate that,My phone No# is-
-503-722-9969 thank you very much I ama very Disabled frontera a Stroke at 26 years old.


Jan 22, 2012
TobySpillmans Stroke Story NEW
by: Anonymous

My Name is Toby Spillman and I Suffered a Brain Aneurysm about
Aprox-21 Years ago when I was just Starting my own Family raising
my Baby Daughter who was Newly born, Who is Now Aprox-21 years old allready, I Suffered a Stroke that left me completly Paralized down my entire Right Hand side!What I Refer to as my Wrong Hand side,I went too Hospital and Had Brain Surgery the Doctor had too Clip my Aneurysm in order too Save my life!my Surgery was Completed by an Afro american by the name Dr Ruben Morris up at the OHSU Hospital, I Owe this Man my life!He Cliped the Aneurysm after Performing what I call a Mirical Brain Surgery with His Professional Staff and his Steady Hands This man Saved my life,After the Hospital stay at OHSU hospital I lived in an Assisted living Home in Sellwood oregon with Kamfee Management and Met
and lived with my Best Friends Mike Fodell &Scotty Conway as all
three of us recovered very Slowly Mike was in a Horible Car accident
years ago in Michigan Scotty was hit by a Drunk Driver in Texas!

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