Treating ADHD Easily

By M. Chris Wolf, PH.D.

Suggestions for treating ADHD easily can be a helpful adjunct to memory enhancement for those suffering from this problem. Is treating ADHD easily possible? Some adults and children have been benefitted quickly just by taking a fish oil supplement. Here’s why it may help.

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Fatty fish like salmon and tuna provide unique omega-3 fatty acids called DHA and EPA. Those fatty acids are also found in human breast milk. One of the possible causes of depression after childbirth is low blood levels of DHA. Near the end of the pregnancy, practically all of the DHA is directed to the developing baby’s brain.

For many years, doctors realized that breast fed babies did better in school and seemed to be healthier in other ways. While there are other benefits of breast-feeding, most researchers agree that the DHA is what helps kids do better in school. This is a relatively recent discovery. It is the reason that DHA is now included in good infant formulas and a number of baby foods.

Some people wonder how DHA and EPA could be so important, since many people do not eat fish. It is likely that there were other sources of the omega-3 fatty acids in pre-modern diets. For example, grass-fed pasture-raised beef contains more omega-3s than corn-fed beef. The major food manufacturers feed corn to their cattle and other livestock.

Another option for easily treating ADHD is gingko biloba. Ginkgo is an herb that improves circulation and stimulates blood flow to the brain. The blood brings nutrients like DHA to the brain.

Ginkgo supplements for children and adults are available. The benefits that may be seen include improved memory and better ability to concentrate. When taking herbs, it is always a good idea to watch out for side effects that could be caused by the product.

Sometimes the side effects are not due to the herb itself, but to some contaminant in the product. If you want to try herbs for easily treating ADHD, make sure that you choose a good manufacturer that carefully checks for contaminants. There are several different herbs that could be helpful.

Other than nutritional supplements and herbal remedies, there are drugs for attention deficit disorders. Most are stimulant drugs, but there is one drug that is not a stimulant. It is more like the anti-depressant class of drugs.

Learn About Natural Remedies for ADHD

While it might not be easy, sticking with a diet that is free of artificial flavors and colors could help. There is a great deal of evidence supporting the benefit of that kind of diet. It could take a little time, but it might be the solution you need for treating ADHD easily.

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