Brain Supplement - Can They Help?

By M. Chris Wolf, PH.D. and Memory Loss Staff

Brain supplement-can they help? This is a common question, especially among those who have begun to notice short term memory lapses occurring such as forgetting a phone number or where you put your keys. The answer is quite simply, yes they do work for many people. The brain is responsible for all functions performed by our body so maintaining a healthy brain is important and supplements are often beneficial in replacing some of the lost nutrients received by the brain.

A brain supplement is a substance that is taken to enhance the functions of the brain. Most supplements are intended to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet for improving focus, concentration, memory and an overall well-being. Brain supplements are available in capsule or tablet form and are sold over the counter at many health food and grocery stores. There are several supplement options available, but the most common are vitamin B,Omega 3 and gingko biloba.

In my book on brain health, I have written about nutrition as being one of the four pillars of brain health. The groups of vitamin B are beneficial to the body, but as a brain supplement-can they help? Most people do not get enough B vitamins in their diet which is very beneficial for keeping the brain healthy. Get more info on NR Essentials Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin - the active form of B12. B12 is used to form red blood cells, support nerve cell health, assist in protein and DNA synthesis, and contribute to fat and protein metabolism. It may help restore energy levels. B vitamins are great for increasing red blood cells which carry oxygen through the body and to your heart and brain. The more oxygen that gets into the grey matter of the brain, the better it is for your memory. B vitamins are found in foods such as green leafy vegetables and proteins, but they are excreted daily through urine so it is important to continuously replace lost B vitamins. Supplements are available in easy to take capsule or tablet form so they break down quickly in the body resulting in a quick absorption by the body into the blood stream.

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Omega 3 supplements are derived from fish oil. Omega 3 is an excellent supplement for improving brain functions as well as multiple other health benefits. Omega 3 supplements help reduce inflammation and cholesterol which increase the blood flow to the brain. Very few people get the daily requirement of fatty acids that are found in omega 3 supplements so taking a supplement is important for overall well-being and healthy brain functions.

Omega 3 can facilitate communication throughout the brain. Axons or the communication wires in the brain can benefit from Omega 3. Also, some research has shown it to be helpful in reducing depressed mood.

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Of all the studies done to answer the age old question of brain supplement-can they help? Gingko Biloba supplements have been shown to be most popular supplement used for enhancing memory, concentration and alertness. There have been several studies done using gingko biloba supplements for Alzheimer's patients, with excellent results. Gingko biloba supplements help to increase blood flow to the brain and supply more oxygen which helps to improve memory.

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